Couples and Sexuality – 5 Signs and Symptoms of a Red Flag Sex Life- and What You Can Do About it

If you can’t remember the last time you had sex with your partner, or you both are “too busy” to find time for each other, then you may have a red flag sex life. A red flag is a warning sign that flashes in your head or in your heart when things aren’t quite right. Often times, couples will think their situation is hopeless. It’s only hopeless until you decide to take action! There is always hope that your sex life can improve, if you want to improve it.

So what are some signs and symptoms of a red flag sex life and what are some tips to tackle these concerns?

Sign 1: You are concerned that one or both of you spends too much time in adult chat rooms or on internet porn sites while ignoring one another. This is becoming a more and more common concern of a red flag among couples. Often times, you may feel that your partner does not find you attractive anymore because they are looking at adult internet sites.

Sign 2: You are not having fun in the bedroom anymore. Are you doing anything but making love together in the bedroom? Have you lost a sense that the bedroom is a place for you and your partner to be intimate and have sex together?

Sign 3: You don’t have the kind of frequency that you would like with your partner. Was it last week, last month, or last year when you last made love? Do you wish that you could be more sexually expressive more often?

Sign 4: You are not satisfied with the kinds of sexual activities you have in or out of the bedroom. If sex has become rote, 1-2-3 with no sexual satisfaction for you, then you may have another red flag here.

Sign 5: Your sex life is literally “going down the tube” i.e. you watch altogether too much TV and no longer make time to make love. I know that when one of the only shows I watch, American Idol starts, I have to readjust my schedule or my love life will severely suffer. You may want to track how many hours you watch TV in an average week to see what is stealing your romance time.

What to do, what to do? Here are some tips for turning your sex life red flags to green!

Sex Tip 1: If you are concerned about chat rooms and internet sites, then talk about it. For many people, the internet is a sexual outlet much like adult films, and can be part of a healthy sexuality. Of course if there is a relationship that seems to be forming outside of your agreement with your partner, then limits will need to be discussed between the two of you. For many males specifically, the internet is just another way to stimulate their fantasies and is a masturbation activity. On the other hand, f your partner no longer attends to you, but is constantly online, then you will need to discuss it further and try to change things. If that doesn’t work, you may want to seek counseling for your relationship.

Sex Tip 2: If having sex has become a chore to you, or seems boring, then spice it up! Ask for what you need sexually from your partner. Be flirty. Be fun. Try lighting some candles and offering some mutual body massage to each other. Sensual massage can be very arousing, and can lead to so much more pleasure in the bedroom for both of you.

Sex Tip 3: If you can’t remember the last time you had sex, then initiate sex. Try writing a sexy love note or invitation to meet you at a specific time in the bedroom for a sexy fun and frolic date. Try a new time, such as waking up earlier for a little morning love express before you have your first latte. Having regular sex dates can help even the busiest couple keep their love life running hot!

Sex Tip 4: If you are not sexually satisfied in the bed room, then it’s your turn to crank up the heat! Ask for what you need with your partner. You can also use fantasy to go wild in your mind while having sex together. This can make good sex even hotter for you!

Sex Tip 5: Turn off the tube. If you ask me, people watch altogether too much television. If you have time for 5 or six shows in a night, why not substitute at least two of them for a roll in the hay with your loved one? Why not have a start and end time for the TV? Also, now that there’s TIVO, you can record anything, skip the commercials, and watch it later. Sex can be good for your health, for your relationship and can even help you sleep better! So if you want to heat things up in your sex life, you can stop being a couch potato and hit the sack together instead!

Are You Adopting Unrealistic Expectations?

Do you like being told what to do, what to like and not like? – Most people will answer such question with a fast and absolute NO! however, without even knowing or noticing it this is exactly what happens to most of us. With the constant bombardment of advertisings, fitness equipment/clubs, clothing, etc we are being sold and programmed on specific body shapes and characteristics which should be our standard for beauty.

Sex and women have been widely used ever since the mid 50’s when the TV and media took off, these two “tools” are used to sell from chocolates to beer on a daily basis, even things that have nothing to do with sex and women are marketed to everyone in order to generate revenue, yet no one really complains about it, why? – Society’s values have sunk very low, psychological concepts have been overwritten by desires for the opposite sex which is something “normal” in this day and age. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s considered normal, because much more shocking content is simply labeled ‘adult’ – not ‘filth’, ‘garbage’, ‘rubbish’, ‘perverse’ or even ‘evil’. We live in a society more considered with protecting tuna populations in the river rather than protecting women and children from evils of sexual perversion. This trend is clearly visible over what has become ‘acceptable’ over time – for example – even a pornographic image was considered unacceptable, now there are animal sex tubes documenting sexual acts between animals – and this is just considered ‘adult entertainment’ anymore.

Incidentally, women and sex have been exploited even more in the past two decades when the internet took off, the web open the gates to unrestricted and abundant adult related material to a morally-weak society which has received such changes with opened arms and has adopted unrealistic standards. As we explore this further, there is something to consider – women are naturally attractive to men. However, slowly the focus has moved away from even that to just focusing on ‘sexual self-fulfillment’. It is no wonder, then, that even zoo animal sex tubes are proliferating on the internet.

High Standards of Beauty:

“The beauty is in the soul” – This is a very beautiful thought which may inspire a lot of people, however easy access to adult related content and sexually charged advertisements can change moral standards of beauty into a more perverse way of thinking. Today, most people take what they see on TV and the internet and form their own concept of beauty which is often wrong, huge breasts, long sexy legs, small waist, round hips and thighs – this is how beauty is defined by many, but not many people are shaped this way, those who do not meet these standards are immediately labeled as ugly people, such judgment is carried by unscrupulous people who haven’t taken the time to get to know the person they are judging. Yes, this is cliche, but it’s true nonetheless.

Adult related material which is easily accessible on the web has contributed to social degradation and unrealistic expectations of beauty, love, affections and beautiful emotions which allow us to form a bond with another person are being reduced to passion and lust every single day; which standard of beauty will you adopt, the one you are being bombarded with or the one which can only be described by our hearts? – the choice is yours.

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These ayurvedic medicines are completely made up of herbs, which oozes out straight from mountains because of sun’s heating effect in summers. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are blackish brown to pale brown in color, soft textured, slimy touch, heavy and pure. Ayurvedic medicines are mostly dissolved in water. Sex medicines are made up from the plants, which were decomposed centuries back and got abandoned in to the mountains as well as because of the pressure, got safeguarded in mountains. All ingredients used in the ayurvedic medicines that claims to be the most effective way to increase sex drive are found in mountain regions.

Sex medicine helps in combating sex issues:

A sex medicine possesses hot potency that makes it sufficient enough to combat various sex ailments caused by hectic schedules. Men don’t have to worry about sex issues like early ejaculation, low stamina, no power on bed or bad performance in sex. There is a remedy available for those people who confront such situations such as sex medicine for male are available for men in ayurveda that is completely free from all sort of side effects.

Various ingredients used in ayurvedic medicine for sex:

There is an ingredient known as shilajit that is hugely used in the preparation of various ayurvedic medicines as well as considered as one of the most vital ingredient in the making of ayurvedic medicines. It’s a part of popular ayurvedic medicines. This ingredient work wonders as a strong anti-oxidants thereby delaying age and provides stamina to men when it comes to sex problems. Most of the ingredients used in natural herbal sex medicines are used to improve endurance and strength to spend more time on bed during sex.

Things To Know About Fad Diets

eople who have undergone weight loss in the past very well know what it takes to lose those extra flabs on the body; a long term commitment. Still the fact looms that savvy dieters occasionally get tempted by the swift weight loss promised by fad diets. Some people tend to get over the negatives associated with most fad diets as each new �lose weight quickly’ ploy comes along, possibly due to the lack of knowledge about the food items that carry nutritional value and those that don’t. Today, people easily get attracted towards fad diets as many don’t get the proper guidance on staple diet and due to inadequate information through proper channel. Given ahead are some basic but important points that each one must consider before getting towards fad diets.

Beware About Magical and Passing Claims

It’s typically a human nature to be attracted to fad diets, which promise quick and easy results. There isn’t any standard definition of a fad diet. Following are some of the points that indicate a weight loss plan is an ineffective fad diet.

The diet claims to be a swift weight losing diet at quite an unrealistic pace The claims sound too good to be true
The diet’s suggestions seem extreme as well
Statements made about the diet are disproved by reputable scientific organizations
These fad diet involves crash dieting or very intense reductions in eating and drinking

Popularity of Fad Diets

One question that still looms over is why do fad diets become the craze? Several factors typically lead to their popularity. They are:

�Quick weight loss claims: In this age of everything instant, it’s natural for anyone to fall for a weight loss plan that promises swift weight loss in Mumbai in only weeks instead of months
�Endorsements by Celebrity: Some celebrities endorse for such fad diets without really knowing the truth
�Mentality of �Elimination’: The idea that cutting out some foods will lead in quick weight loss plays into popular beliefs about dieting. Several of these diets promote elimination of one or multiple food groups for a set number of days or in very particular combinations with some sort of trick. Many people aren’t ready for dieting the natural way and thus willingly accept this type of weight loss plan, at least for a brief period.
�Sheer Pressure: If friends and relatives are following a fad diet, then it’s tempting to join in.

Question Related to Fad Diets

The most vital question about any weight loss plan is not whether it’s effective, but whether it’s safe and healthy for you. Several fad diets do work for a short period of time, generally causing you to drop pounds due to probably unhealthy calorie reduction or water weight loss. However, while you enjoy the benefits of this new swift weight loss plan, you also need to consider its overall nutritional content. The sad part is, several fad diets do not meet the nutritional requirements of most people and set an individual up for failure. When the diet fails, the dieters could blame themselves and develop a feeling of demoralization and hopelessness. This can make it harder to make the healthy changes required for long term weight loss.

Fad diets can often be confusing and can mislead individuals who look for quick weight loss. So, it’s best to follow recommendations by reputable organizations or nutrition experts who can guide you through a healthy weight loss.

Teen Sex – Are You “Secretly” Having Sexual Intercourse Why?

Am I the ideal age to have sexual intercourse? In all honesty I am not sure and neither are a great many others. Each individual differs in mind and body, and because of this it results in everyone having a difference of an opinion on how they personally see themselves and to how they think. Although we have laws on the age of consent, more often than not the law is broken on a large scale. Children of the 21st century have attitude which they follow religiously when making a point. In our day attitude was never allowed into the equation. I often wonder was this a good or bad thing. Teenagers with a view become steadfast and fight the cause of what they have a view upon, and rightly so. Nonetheless if it involves sexual intercourse, then what we as parents do know for sure is, if you are not ready, aware or prepared then back to the days of old and forbid the teen attitude.

Most adults agree that 15 is not an ideal age to engage in teen sex. Being ready for sex has a lot more to do with maturity than how old you are. Sadly the teen sex experience is never really a doing – done with one solid partner, and this is the reason why you need to be aware of the dangers that can occur from having unprotected sex with different people. If you are fortunate and in a stable relationship then discuss your concerns and any issues you have with your partner before sexual intercourse. Ask yourself and partner are you both doing the right thing. Consider how having sex at an early age might affect your relationship. Does having sex mean the same thing to both of you? Talk to mom, she may not be happy – but she can certainly put you on the right track if you tend on going ahead regardless of what she says. Parents give support, however they will never encourage underage sex, but their need to protect will have them be there for you. So no more secrets and do the right thing. Tell your parents so as not to be looking over your shoulder all the time.

Why the decision to have sex early? Is it because you want to make your partner happy? Is it because you will feel more adult? Is it because your friends are doing it? These are not good enough reasons for losing your virginity. Remember sex doesn’t prove love. It doesn’t make you into a grown up, in fact you are more of an adult is you do the sensible thing and say no. And not everyone is having teen sex. Study shows 70 percent of 15-year-olds are still virgins.

Think contraception at every convenient moment. It only takes a moment to fall pregnant or catch a life threatening disease (STD). Go along to a family planning clinic and get protection to stay safe. Contraception is given freely along with advice. The age of consent differs for each country so check this out if you are a traveler who enjoys sex while on route.

The female condom is supposedly 79-95% effective. Its purpose is to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. The condom is a thin, loose-fitting and flexible plastic tube placed inside the vagina. A soft ring at the closed end of the tube covers the cervix during intercourse and holds it inside the vagina. Another ring at the open end of the tube stays outside the vagina and partly covers the lip region.

The good news is that the female condom can be inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours before intercourse. If this is your first time using the female condom then you may find it awkward. To condom can be inserted sitting or lying down whichever is comfortable. Some women lubricate while working the condom into place. Follow instructions provided accordingly and you should have no problem with insertion.

Insertion, squeeze the ring at the closed end of the tube. Use one hand to spread the outer lips, and insert the squeezed condom into the vaginal canal. The inner ring should be urged past the pubic bone and over the cervix. It is vitally important that this process is not rushed; it can unsettle the condom which could result in the condom not doing the job it was created to do. Make sure the condom is not twisted. About one inch of the open end will stay outside the body. The outer ring will need to be held in place during intercourse. After intercourse, squeeze and twist the outer ring to keeping fluids inside. Slowly pull it out and discard immediately. If there were a possibility that the condom was not inserted correctly or slipped then you need take the necessary precaution of taking the “Morning After” Pill.

The pill is a regular method of contraception taken by women worldwide to prevent pregnancy. If you’re thinking of going on the pill your doctor will first have to determine if it is safe for you to take, e.g. any risk factors which would make you more liable to heart attacks or strokes. The pill is a tablet containing two female-type hormones – an oestrogen and progestogen. Various oestrogens and progestogens are used in some of the 22 different types of pill in the UK. The hormones halt ovulation. They also thicken secretions round the cervix making it more difficult for sperm to pass.

Sterilization and the contraceptive pill are both 100% effective. In the UK your prescription will include a pack containing 21 contraceptive pills. You take one every day for 21 days. Then you break for a week to allow for your period. In America it is not unusual for packs to contain 28 tablets – seven are ‘dummies.’ This is a fabulous idea for the forgetful. These are continually taken during the week’s break. In Britain dummy packs are referred to as ED (every day). Like most medications there are always the pluses and the downsides. The pill helps ease period pain, shortens your period with light loss. The pill has been connected to certain cancers. Speak to your doctor about this. The best precaution you can take to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or avoid visiting an STD clinic is to say “NO.”

Let the secret be known that teen sex is not a trendy behavior – nor will you be respected for all your sexual encounters. Do the sensible trendy thing, grow up and enjoy life and by doing this you gain respect from those who care about you.


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